When it comes to engineering, this not only involves the design from our point of view, but also the steps involved in implementing it. We create concepts for these steps.

Investing in new production facilities, or in a new plant, requires great expertise and resources. With such intense competition nowadays, manufacturers are required to harness more and more on their core competence. Utilising third-party expertise early on is thus an important success factor for your investment project.

We offer tailor-made solution concepts for process, plant, automation and MSRE technology. Our range of services includes concept planning, basic and detail engineering, procurement, installation supervision and commissioning. The life cycle plays a key role in the selection of systems and equipment.

  • Reduction of interfaces to a minimum
  • Efficient planning and realisation time
  • Technological lead thanks to our specialists
  • Continuous cost control from the beginning of the project right through to the transfer of your equipment and the project documentation
  • We plan and implement your project as the overall planner. We are also happy to handle parts of your project if desired.

Our Planning Philosophy

We realise your projects as a team with you on board:

  • Holistic project responsibility
  • Process development / support beyond commissioning for risk-based qualification
  • Sophisticated and long-term economic solutions

Long-term usability of the systems and equipment by evaluating the life cycle of the components used and planning the maintenance intervals.


We do not deliver a solution from off the shelf. Each project is individually planned and represents the latest state-of-the-art technology. We are dedicated to the constantly new challenges, such as digitisation in life cycle management or process intensification in automation.


With your select group of architects, we plan the building or the plant from the inside out and based on the requirements of the production process. Our Group is represented worldwide. This ensures that global and regional regulations for project planning and implementation will be fulfilled.

Flexible, independent and competent

With short decision-making processes, pragmatic approaches, proven methods as well as project teams, high-level project managers and qualified planners, our project management is very convincing. As a neutral planner, we are not bound to any one manufacturer when it comes to design and package selection.

In the initialisation phase, your project idea is discussed in workshops, then we process your data, develop decision proposals and prepare a rough budget.

  • Clear definition of the goal and purpose
  • Establish clear requirements and guardrails
  • Feasibility studies
  • Process optimisation / development
  • GMP compliance

Whether as input for a business plan or as the first planning phase – the content of a concept and the power of abstraction set the course for your project.

We develop the process layout for you and, after an analysis of your current production process and data, we dimension all elements of the technological chain, provide first results for the supply systems and determine the need for resources.

  • Creation of the conceptual design
  • We develop cost estimates based on our constantly updated know-how database

Using concepts as a starting point, we develop the optimal planning solution for your company. We detail the layout and coordinate all specialist planners who solve their tasks in their respective areas of expertise and master their interfaces. This guarantees technically coherent documentation, which is retained for regulatory approvals without delay through rework.

  • Basic engineering
  • Personnel and material flow
  • GMP upgrade of systems
  • New construction and conversion of ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Regulatory engineering

Upon request, we can coordinate and monitor the planning of all safety equipment. We guarantee coordinated requirements for the entire project. The updating or creation of risk and SHE / GSU strategies as well as qualification plans are also part of our portfolio.

  • AS-IS analysis
  • GSU / SHE and GMP risk management

Precise schedules and cost estimates are elementary components of our documentation. Starting with the basic design, we use the entire range of our options for selected trades (2D / 3D planning, parts lists, etc.) in order to seamlessly proceed to the detail design.

YOU decide how detailed you want to advertise. We prepare the corresponding documentation (neutral tenders as part of the submission process) including URS for infrastructure and process plants, RI schematics, functional descriptions and specifications, isometry right through to the 3D model.

In addition to proven planning tools, we use self-developed design programmes and software. In this way we ensure the effective coordination of the defined interfaces and faultless collision management. Let us handle the purchase of your investments. Based on neutral tenders, we enquire with qualified suppliers, compare the offers and, after a negotiation round, make an award proposal until a supply contract is signed.

Take advantage of successfully tested supplier relationships and benefit from our many years of experience (benchmarking, supplier audits). In this way we minimise your technical and commercial risk and guarantee you an optimised cost-benefit ratio according to your criteria. Supervising construction and assembly is an essential building block of project success. The time and effort required to coordinate the work performed by different trades and suppliers, and the monitoring of their interfaces are things that are often underestimated by builders, thus causing downtime. This can all be avoided.

We create the necessary construction sequence assembly plans for you. We keep a sharp eye on all regulations, in particular when it comes to health and safety. We provide experienced site managers for the implementation of QM measures. After the assembly, our engineers put the new facilities into operation for the first time with active participation on the part of your employees. Appropriate test and acceptance records are processed by us to support the learning experience for system start-ups. Ideally, employees are also trained step by step during the start-up phase.

The maximum plant availability is an important prerequisite for achieving the production key figures. Even after IBN, we ensure that your systems have calibrated measuring points and a preventive or predictive maintenance concept. The best case scenario is with paperless documentation over the entire project life cycle.

Even after the project has been handed over by us to your company, we will continue to support you with calibration, maintenance / servicing and troubleshooting.

Personnel on request

Are you looking for employees to assist with peak order periods, to bridge staff shortages, or in the long term from an outsourcing partner? Pharmatronic AG offers tailored solution for small, medium and large companies from our extensive portfolio.