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for the entire Pharma sector

Pharmatronic AG


«A man who always does what he already can
will always be what he is now.» (Henry Ford)

Pharmatronic AG was founded in 1985 and is integrated into the
globally active Glatt Group (with approx. 2000 personnel).
Operationally Pharmatronic AG is integrated into Glatt Engineering
and works closely with all companies within the Glatt Group.
At our main office in Pratteln there are nearly 60 specialists,
technicians and engineers available to solve your problems -
in other companies of the Glatt Group there are a total of 250.
Staff and teams are selected according to customer requirements,
so that experienced specialists can apply their know-how to the assignment.
Our qualified engineers and technicians will meet the challenge and prepare
problem-specific solutions.
Project implementation is carried out to conform to international standards
and guidelines. Particularly with valididation and qualification projects we
ensure that the requirements of local authorities, the EU and the US FDA
are met.

Our Services
    • Validation/Qualification
    • Automation
    • IT
    • Calibration
    • Data Mapping
    • Engineering
    • Project Management
    • Consulting

Company Profile/History
  Hohenrainstrasse 10 | CH-4133 Pratteln | Tel. +41 61 826 97 26 | Fax +41 61 826 97 27 | E-Mail    PAG Intern