Your competent partner
for the entire Pharma sector
Pharmatronic AG is a member of the Glatt Group. Services are offered on the open
market and to members of the Glatt Group.
Pharmatronic AG serves the pharma and chemicals industries, plant and equipment
manufacturers and other industrial sectors.
Customer Service
Pharmatronic AG has accumulated a large resource of industry-specific know-how.
The company encourages its staff to participate in advanced training to further improve
customer service quality.
Quality Policy
It is the declared intention of the Pharmatronic AG management to provide products
and services which meet customer requirements and conform to regulations, guidelines
and the generally accepted standards within the industry.
Quality is when the product execution meets the requirements. The Pharmatronic AG management objective
is to provide long-term customer satisfaction with our products and services.
Reaching the desired product quality requires a collective effort from all company staff directly and indirectly
linked to the production process.
Quality requirements affect all employees for all phases of product development and has priority over all other
Management and Staff
A decisive factor in the success of Pharmatronic AG has been the personal initiative and achievements of
company staff at all levels.
The relationship between management and staff is based on mutual trust, constructive cooperation and a
high degree of individual commitment.
The objective of Pharmatronic AG is to generate sufficient income to self finance invested capital and to provide
an adequate return. Investments are directed primarily towards market requirements, productivity, quality and

Corporate Philosophy
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