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Big Time for Vaccine Logistics and Cold Chain Management

The issues we are addressing—from safe medicines, to sustainable distribution, to smarter workplace, to empowered employees—are not a choice between time to market and quality. They are both:

  • Put the right measures of compliance in place
  • Reduce the complexity of the supply chain
  • Address customer’s requirements


Pharmatronic supported the Glatt Pharmaceutical Services 2015 to Revamp a cosmetics logistics hub into a full functional Pharma Logistics Hub with the following functions:

  • Storage / Order Picking
  • Distribution Logistics
  • Supply for Clinical Trials
  • EU Import
  • QP Services


Picture 1: Glatt Logistics – Cool products (2 – 8 °C) fully integrated into high-speed commissioning line



Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to optimize areas in your warehouses and cold storage cells and to confirm them in the context of data mapping. After evaluating the collected data, we can analyze the trends and define appropriate measures for periodic or continuous monitoring. Further we are now grasping the chance of the ultracold storage and supply frozen (-25°C) and deep frozen (-80°C)


Picture 2,3: Mapping at -40 und -15°C

We have data loggers that can be used in normal or ex-rooms.

Our Services:

  • Analysis of environmental conditions
  • Creation of mapping plans
  • Design of the data loggers
  • Evaluation of the data loggers
  • Definition of hot spots
  • Monitoring solutions with sensors and CFR 21 Part 11 software
  • Written reports including definition of measures


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Unsere neue Niederlassung in Deutschland

Pharmatronic GmbH
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Telefon +49 761 88 78 73 80
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Portfolio-Erweiterung: Reinraumqualifizierung und -klassifizierung

Wir haben unser Portfolio rund um die Reinraum Qualifizierung / Klassifizierung erweitert.

Ab sofort bieten wir folgende Dienstleistungen an:

  • Raumklassifizierung nach ISO 14644
  • HEPA – Filter Kontrollen (Dichtsitz und Lecktest)
  • Erholzeitmessungen
  • Partikelmessungen in Reinräumen
  • Luftkeimerfassungen

Weitere Informationen können dem nachfolgenden Flyer entnommen werden.

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